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Hello everybody ! We are super excited with what we accomplished this month, check out below. Stay tuned on this blog, check us out on Facebook and star the microsoft-dx organization on Github.

01. [MS Monday] Running Linux in Microsoft Azure

On 16th May, Pierre Farret, working at Microsoft, held a presentation about Microsoft’s cloud – Azure. Not only that, but how can you run Linux in Microsoft Azure. Pierre presented the infrastructure of the cloud with IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), all their features and the presentation ended with a demo. In this demo, Pierre created a virtual machine on the cloud and he made changes so that he can put Linux on it. He showed us how to do it and how can you monitor the activity of your machine.

Although there were some technical features which were a little bit advanced for a workshop of 2 hours, Pierre tried and succeeded in trying to explain what Microsoft Azure is, what features does it have, how can you use it and made a demo at the end. All in all, the presentation was excellent, the information was relevant and the demonstration was spot on!


02. [MS Monday] Internet of Things – How to Build Smart Cities

Microsoft Monday returned with a presentation on the Internet of Things – How to Build Smart Cities. This workshop focused on introducing the concepts of IoT and on the new Microsoft technologies available for developing cloud connected apps and devices, and was held by a Premium Support Engineer from Microsoft.

The workshop was attended by a large number of industry-working professional, interested in integrating their IoT products with Microsoft Azure, as well as by students interested in making connections between the theoretical knowledge from University courses and building real-life applications.


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